Alchemist’s Lab Slots Review for Playing Online

Alchemist’s Lab Slots Review for Playing Online

Alchemy and gold are the themes of the Alchemist’s Lab online slot game. This slot from the developers at Playtech plays out over 3 reels and just a single payline, making it a more classic-style slot game with a modern design.

Alchemy was considered an ancient art of turning base metals and other substances into pure, valuable gold, and this topic makes for an interesting and fitting online slot theme. Unusually for a 3 reel slot, Alchemist’s Lab also offers a bonus game, as well as the ability for players to play on one of three different betting levels.

Design and Graphics of Alchemist’s Lab

The design and graphics of the Alchemist’s Lab slot are detailed and colourful, giving the game an eerie but vibrant feel. The game takes place atop an alchemist’s cluttered wooden table, on which a variety of his possessions can be seen. These possessions include a golden ring, beakers, potions and even an hourglass.

Various glowing yellow, red, green and blue potion vials can be seen to either side of the reel set, and much of the backdrop is dominated by a large, open spell book. This spell book also serves as the game’s pay chart, informing players of how much they can win for each winning symbol combination they land in this game.

Alchemist’s Lab Reel Symbols

On the reels of Alchemist’s Lab, players will find reel symbols of golden coins, golden rings, alchemy spell books, and a variety of blue, green and red alchemy potions.

The golden coins are the highest paying symbols in this slots game, and they pay out a jackpot of up to 10,000 coins for 3, depending on which betting level the game is being played at.

Alchemist's Lab Slot Symbols

Three Betting Levels and Jackpots

The Alchemist’s Lab slot from Playtech contains 3 different betting levels which can be selected before the game begins. Level 1 is the default level, but activating Level 2 will enable players to win a maximum jackpot of 3,000 coins, depending on their bets per line.

The third level will allow players to win a jackpot of either 6,000 coins or 10,000 coins; again, this is dependent on their stake per line in the base game. Playing the game at 2.00 will award the 6,000 coin top jackpot, and playing the game at 3.00 will award the maximum 10,000 coin jackpot prize.

Alchemist’s Lab Bonus Feature

Like many Android slots Canada, the Alchemist’s Lab online slot game also contains a bonus feature, which is unique for many 3 reel slot games online. This bonus game will be triggered when players land 3 alchemy spell book symbols on the game’s reels simultaneously. Once this happens, players will be redirected to a Pick Me-style bonus feature that consists of a screen full of potion vials.

Players must then pick any 3 of the potion bottles on the screen at random. These 3 potion bottles will combine to create a single gold bar of a certain, random size. The larger this gold bar is, the more valuable the prize awarded by the bonus game will be.

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