The Boxing Betting Rounds Market

The Boxing Betting Rounds Market

There is an array of options offered by first-rate Boxing bookmakers on the Rounds market, so you must read and understand what the sportsbook is offering before you even think about betting.

What’s the Rounds Market in Boxing Wagering?

When you’re staking the Rounds market, you will usually be betting on which fighter will win the bout in which round or rounds.

You’ll essentially be choosing an option that’s an extension of wagering on a boxer to win by DQ, KO, or TKO on the Method of Victory market, except you’ll also be choosing the exact round or group thereof in which the fight will end.

Single Round Staking

This bet can offer massive payouts because it’s so difficult to precisely pinpoint the very round that will end a fight. But the returns on these bets are just so attractive that most of us can’t help but try!

Round Group Wagers

These stakes offer big payouts with slightly less risk than their Single Round counterparts. If you’ve chosen this bet, you’ll get paid out if the fight ends in the Round present in the Group provided by the bookmaker.

Over/Under Round Wagers

When you place an Over/Under stake, who the winner is doesn’t matter. All you need to concern yourself with is how many total rounds there’ll be in the fight.

Although half-rounds don’t exist in the world, sportsbooks cut rounds in two by the bout’s official time. There are 3 minutes in each round, so a half-round will end at the 1:31 mark of any given one.

Odd/Even Round Bets

Odd/Even wagers let you stake on a Round-Specific outcome without naming the winner. To win, the fight needs to not go the distance. If it does, you won’t be paid out.

Betting the Odd means the fight will end in an odd-numbered round, like 1, 3, 5, 7, or 11. Wagering the Even means the bout will come to an end in an even-numbered round, like 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10.

Strategy for Rounds Market Staking

As with any kind of Boxing bet, the best way to earn a payout on the Rounds market is by doing a huge amount of research. And while you’re doing this homework, you’ll find that almost every strategy guide advises that you study how your fighter has performed in the past.

Creating a betting model for the Rounds market is incredibly handy because it lets you include how your fighter has done in the past. You’ll need to have information like how many rounds have stopped the boxer or when he’s been stopped in his previous appearances in the ring.

But you’ll also need to keep in mind that, although past behaviour is an excellent indicator of future conduct, there’s no such thing as a safe bet. That’s the beauty of it

You’re never 100% sure of the outcome, but you’ll find that, as you gain experience in not just wagering itself but doing the proper research beforehand, you get better and better every time you place bets at betting sites in Australia.

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