Triple Play Draw Poker at a Glance for Players

Triple Play Draw Poker at a Glance for Players

Triple Play Draw Poker is a video poker game of draw poker. One of IGT games specialities, Triple Play Draw Poker is a single game that contains nine different variations of video poker.

Players are able to select any of these games, and are able to switch between them whenever the wish to. A wide range of coin denominations is also available in Triple Play Draw Poker, allowing for a complete range of game play settings.

All of the video poker games involved have a single commonality. Players play three hands at a time. In terms of game play, players first select which cards they want to hold, and then spectate as three hands of poker occur before your eyes. Each hand is individually funded, each will be scored individually, and players therefore have the opportunity to win up to three times on every round.

A Playing Solution of Note

Triple Play Draw Poker is actually a comprehensive video poker playing solution. Players will be able to select the actual video poker variant they specifically want to enjoy and could choose any of the following video poker games.

Jacks or Better, where wins start with any hand containing a pair of jacks, Bonus poker, a game featuring larger pay outs on hands comprising four cards of a kind or Bonus Poker Deluxe, which is a high volatility video poker with even bigger wins on four of a kind.

Notwithstanding these options that can be played using the Triple Play Draw Poker solution to make it more exciting, players are able to make the necessary changes to the game selection process such as to be able to also enjoy Double Bonus Poker, a video poker variant with three groups of pay outs for four of a kind, Double Double Bonus Poker, a video poker game with big prizes based on the kicker in a four of a kind win, and Triple Double Bonus Poker, where players can win as much as a Royal Flush if they happen to have the perfect kicker in a four of a kind win.

The Perfect Way to Boost Video Poker

IGT have thus provided the perfect way to enhance and increase the rate of online play by enabling players to play three hands at once. The range of individual video poker variants that can be selected as the base game is extraordinary, but hardly more so than being able to choose two of the video poker options that have some of the better odds available for the players.

These last two options that this solution applies to are Deuces Wild video poker, a high profit game where twos are wild, and therefore extremely important and valuable cards to find. Also, players can enjoy a triple hand of Deuces Wild Bonus, a superlative video poker variant with twos being wild plus enhanced wins being available on five of a kind wins.

Playing Triple Play Draw Poker, and selecting any one of these versions of video poker is very easy, and IGT have in this way also made video poker ever so much more exciting and, in fact comparable with the very best in slots play, when it comes to white-knuckle thrills.

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