The Elders Webster Longford Cup

The Elders Webster Longford Cup

Longford is a small town in Tasmania, Australia. It sits on the convergence of the South Esk and Macquarie Rivers, just 21 kilometres south of the larger city of Launceston. Its history as a settlement goes all the way back to 1806, and it was the Panninher Aboriginal clan’s traditional seat long before this.

The town is steeped in rich heritage, with several notable residents having lived and died in Longford over the years and many historical buildings still in use today. The primary industries in the agriculturally dominated area are dairy products, wool and livestock, but its recreational activities also generate interest and revenue. Most notably in this regard, it is home to the Elders Webster Longford Cup.

Leisure Activities

In addition to the Longford Cup, there are a few other activities in the town that are worth mentioning, The annual Longford Show has been held every year since 1858, making it one of the longest-running rural shows in Australia. It is held in October and usually attracts 7000 to 8000 people, with poultry and dog shows, wood chopping and tree felling, equestrian events, rides, games, and artwork displays from surrounding schools. The town’s golf course is also popular and has 11 holes, 7 of which offer alternative tees, and there is a greyhound racing stadium as well.

The Woodstock Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary also gives visitors great pleasure, and is a natural wetland that serves as a nesting and breeding sanctuary for water birds. The Conservation Covenant, under the Protected Areas on Private Land Programme, protects the area so that swans, waterfowl and other species such as the endangered green and gold frog have a safe and pristine home.

Horse Racing

The Longford Racecourse is the oldest one that is still in operation in Australia, and still provides training and stabling facilities to many studs. It also hosts the town’s main event every New Year’s Day, as series of 6 races that culminate in the 1800 metre Longford Cup. This is one of the highlights of the Tasmanian Summer Racing Carnival, which boasts several Thoroughbred horse races and the entertainment and glamour that always accompany these as well as the best bets has to offer.

The Longford Races are a great day out for the whole family. Several events are staged throughout the day, including free activities for children, oncourse live music and bar facilities, and an enjoyable the Fashions on the Field competition.

For those who are interested in betting on the Longford Cup and other races, there is plenty of research to be done. This is possible offline and online, though it is simpler when only a few mouse clicks or finger taps away. Tips, injury reports, race line-ups and more can all be found on the Internet, along with expert opinions. It’s also easy to discuss wagering options with like-minded individuals, thanks to online chatrooms and message boards. Whether betting online or offline, punters should try to look into these issues and discuss them as much as possible before they put any money down. Analysing options and competitors can bring great financial rewards, and deepen overall appreciation for the races.

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