Love Always Wins!!

In light of Mother’s Day I want to share with you about two very special mothers who are now resting in Jesus. These two mothers were my grandmothers. My grandmother on my Father’s side of the family loved her grandchildren to the extent that she wanted them at her house every moment she could get them. And while we were together, she would bake the most wonderful goodies, then she would spoil and pamper us until we were of the opinion that we never wanted to go home. We loved going to Grandma’s house!

My grandmother on my Mother’s side of the family was quite different. She would keep us at her house only on rare occasions because kids, especially active ones like we were, made her nervous. Things changed when I became a teenager. During this time of my life this grandmother became very special to me. We spent a lot of time together and we became very close. When I was a child, my siblings and I had the misconception that she really didn’t love us as much our other grandmother, and we would grumble about it. But we discovered that this wasn’t the case at all. She loved us very much but her personality just related much better to older kids. God made her unique and gave her qualities my other grandmother didn’t have, and here’s my point. We need to learn to appreciate our family members just as they are, rather than get angry at them because they are not the way we want them to be. Each of us were individually designed by our Creator God to fulfill a purpose in this world, and that purpose is to be a blessing and to be the recipient of blessings. (Genesis 12:2) Granted, with some the blessing is harder to find than in others, but it’s still there, and we need to be patient, loving, tolerant, kind and care enough to look for the good in everyone until we find it. Satan is working overtime causing divisions between people. One of his favorite tactics is making us to see only the negative in people instead of seeing the good. Most of the time this results in avoiding these people, isolating them from our lives which ultimately hurts many people in the process...including us!

In Genesis 2:18 God said “It is not good that the man should be alone.” So he provided Adam with Eve, who had the ability to “be fruitful and multiply.” A whole world of people happened as a result. God purposely placed in our genetic make-up the need to be with people! We weren’t created to be islands. Scientists have done experiments with people on how they respond to isolation and being alone. Dr. S. Smith from England built a 9x9 soundproof room and he had volunteers locked in this room for periods of time. The volunteers would cover their hands and feet with padded gloves and socks to reduce the sensation of touch. They would get their meals without seeing anyone, and they would not be able to be distracted by any kind of entertainment. They had to concentrate on the fact that they were “alone.” While this experiment was being conducted, the volunteers would be observed through a one way screen and this is what happened. After approximately one hour or more the individual’s concentration would be lost. Then after a period of time a feeling of anxiety or panic would come. Consistently, most of the volunteers could not stand this type of isolation for more than five hours. Dr. Leonard Cammer, a psychiatrist who has specialized in the treatment of depressed people, says “The human being is the only species that can’t survive alone. Human beings need other human beings.”

God made you and made me to love and be loved, and to be a blessing and to be the recipient of blessing. But many, many, many people have forgotten this fact. That’s why we are living in an age where there are epidemic levels of depression, loneliness, mental illness and even suicide. The Bible predicted this dilemma in Matthew 24:10,12 where it says, “And then many shall be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another... and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Did you catch it? It all begins with the “O” word, OFFENSE! And offense leads to a lack of loyalty. Then a lack of loyalty leads to hate and all of a sudden we find we’ve fallen into the devil’s trap. We’ve become a part of the “ice cube family.”

Over the years I’ve learned something about myself. When I cherish a spirit that is ready and anxious to forgive, it’s hard for me to be offended. And when I am genuinely searching for the good in those around me, it’s hard for me to be offended. And when I seek to look at an individual through heaven’s eyeglasses, as a soul Jesus wants to save, it’s hard for me to be offended by them. Sure, we all have our moments where we wish we handled things differently, but “Praise God,” while we have breath in our bodies we still have an opportunity to mend and correct and let a heaping helping of love do it’s thing!

Just as we must search the scriptures to find “the treasure,” we need to search the characters of the people around us to find the treasure that God put there. John 1:16 says “And of His fullness we have all received...” So don’t let Satan rob you of the blessing of enjoying your family members, your co-workers, your neighbors and even your fellow church members. Even if your family has been divided and redivided through divorces and remarriages and family squables, determine in your heart to look for the good in each individual, look for the qualities and gifts God gave to that person and love them just as they are. Family is one of God’s greatest gifts and strongholds in the face of evil, and that’s why Satan works overtime to try to destroy the family. But when we practice the Bible principle of “overcoming evil with good” and we let our lives reflect acceptance, tolerance and love, the victory and the blessing is ours! And when we stand for God’s LOVE principles, the battle isn’t ours, it’s God’s...and God always wins... and LOVE always wins!!

“It’s a GREAT thing to give thanks...”

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