God Hears

The phone rang. It was my sweet daughter calling from college... all of 45 minutes away from home. “Mom, I found a kitten. Will you take him?” I really wasn’t ready to hear this, but I found myself saying, “How did you find him?” “Oh Mother, it was terrible. I was driving along and I spotted this tiny kitten pulling it’s way to the road with just it’s front paws. He was so dehydrated, his back legs weren’t even working. I took him to my apartment and gave him some water, but I don’t know if he’s going to live or not.” That’s all she had to say. I said, “Bring him right over.” I thought to myself as I hung up the phone, “It’s not a good thing when your kids know your weaknesses...and mine is stray, defenseless, wide-eyed animals!”

Last year there were two stray black Lab dogs running around our small town. I kept thinking, “Oh, someone will pick them up.” Occasionally I stopped to give them food and I’d tell them, “If I didn’t travel as much as I do, I’d take you home.” But two months later they were still camped out on the side of the road. Then in a weak moment they found themselves camped out in our back yard. “I’ll find them a home,” I promised my husband. The days turned into a week and I found myself telling my husband, “They are incredibly smart dogs and they sure make good watch dogs. Dan, tell me what you think of the names I’ve picked for them.” My husband replied, “It’s too late, I’ve already named them... Good and Bye.” Well, thankfully two homes made themselves available for Good and Bye, but I missed them when they left. (In heaven I’ll have a dozen!)

When I locked eyes with the scrawny, little, wide-eyed kitten, it definitely wasn’t love at first sight. He looked way too small to even be weaned, and his temperament proved that he’d been in the wild long enough to develop some self-defense skills. He was black as night, and so was his personality. He hissed and tried to use his miniature claws with what little energy he had. Yet with some good kitty nutrition, this little one was up and going within 24 hours. A month of tender loving care took the wild look away and “Mouser” (the husband picked the name) settled into life at the Shelton homestead. Mr Shelton acknowledged that since the mice in our barn needed another babysitter, we could keep him. In a matter of weeks we would find our dog, Fluffy, and Mouser all snuggled up sleeping together in the garage. Soon Mouser even succeeded into getting into the house for regular visits with Ma and Pa. In a nutshell this kitty had us wrapped right around his little paw in no time.

The kitten was only about six months old when it happened. One day I very distinctly heard a still, small voice say “Pray for the safety of your kitten.” I questioned if this really was the Holy Spirit since there is little or no risk for any animal at our house because we’re located in the country, away from dangerous traffic. Yet the impression still came more intense than before. So I prayed for Mouser. The next day my husband, Dan, and a friend were across the road looking at some horses in the pasture, when all of a sudden a car was heard roaring down the country lane at a fast speed. Both Dan and Mike turned just in time to see Mouser bound out into the road and be hit by the front wheels of the car, and then the back wheels. Then his body lay still in the road as the car kept racing on its way. They both gasped, “Oh no.” A couple seconds went by and the still black body jumped up and ran back to our garage, quite a distance away. Mike shook his head and said, “Wait a minute. Are my eyes deceiving me or did that cat just get hit by that car?” Dan said, “No, I saw it too. That cat got hit and hit good.”

Dan told me about the incident later. I said, “Thank You, Jesus! No wonder He impressed me to pray for Mouser yesterday.” I went and checked to see if Mouser was all right, and he acted like the incident never had even happened. There was not a scratch on him! I’m never one to think any event happens “by accident,” so I talked to the Lord about it. Then that still, small, sweet voice revealed to me the real reason the whole incident happened in the first place. I had been praying for a loved one, a Prodigal, for nearly six years. During that six years there had been some moments when the fear, the dread and the darkness would grip my heart so intensely, I wondered if I could survive. But every time the Holy Spirit would remind me that this was His battle, not mine. There would be times when I felt impressed to plead for his life, then later I would discover that at those times my loved one’s life was indeed threatened. Inspite of these answers to prayer, I watched as the days and months and years went by with no major spiritual changes for the better in my Prodigal, then silently I began to wonder, “Is God really hearing me?” My heart was numb watching from a distance, a life I held so dear, racing down a road of self-destruction. Then right at the time I needed it, I heard a still, small voice say, “If I am listening to your prayers for a little kitten, you can be assured My ears are bent low to hear your prayers for your Prodigal.”

Friends, the Lord deeply impressed me this message is not just for me. It’s for YOU! Perhaps there is a circumstance, a sickness, a relationship, a financial crisis, and a heartache you have been praying about for some time. Although you may not see the answer right now, your heavenly Father hears! His message to you is this; “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” (Matthew 10:29-31) Our God sees the beginning from the end. He sees what we cannot see and He knows what we cannot know. His heart is big enough to carry our heartaches and His hand is big enough to handle our problems...His way. And His way is always best!

P.S. By the way, today it’s a common sight to see Fluffy, Sheltie, Mouser and myself taking walks together. Mouser thinks he’s a puppy!

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