Unique for a Purpose

When my nephew, Nicholas, was about two years old, he discovered the toy of his dreams... the vacuum cleaner! His Mom had a canister vacuum cleaner with a long hose that looked like something out of Star Trek, and when you turned it on it would light up and make more noise than his fire truck. Nicholas loved vacuum cleaners so much that in his early years his birthday cakes were decorated with, you guessed it, vacuum cleaners! Nicholas loved them so much that his Mom finally gave him her old vacuum cleaner when she bought a new one. So at a very young age he would tinker with it, take portions of the vacuum cleaner apart and then put it back together again.

When Nicholas was five years old he discovered a new love... the lawn mower. By the time he was 7 years old, he had his own lawn business mowing, trimming and yes, even counseling the neighbors with what to do about their lawns. Little Nicholas would go up to a neighbor and say “Mr. Brown, if you don’t put some fertilizer on your lawn, the weeds are going to take over.” But the neighbors had a genuine respect for this young boy because he worked hard and made real improvements on their lawns. As Nicholas grew he discovered others “toys” he really enjoyed like chain saws, hedge trimmers and weed eaters and other lawn paraphernalia.. One day Nicholas was at school and the teacher noticed him looking at his watch over and over again. She said, “Nicholas what’s the matter?’ He said, “I’m just wasting my time here at school. Do you know how much money I could be making right now?”

But one day trouble struck for Nicholas. His parents began to worry and say, “He’s just not acting like other boys his age. He’s going all over the neighborhood mowing lawns, fixing vacuum cleaners, and jumping dead batteries while other kids are playing ball and having a good time.” So his parents decided to insist that Nicholas be a part of a kid’s softball team. Nicholas was horrified! He said, “But Mom and Dad, chasing a ball around a field is stupid!” But they still insisted. His first game began with Nicholas in the outfield. Soon he was so bored he just sat down on the grass. And then, Nicholas being Nicholas, he started examining the grass in the playing field to see if it was infiltrated with crabgrass. While he was searching for crabgrass a ball came flying out to left field, but he didn’t even notice. His parents said later, “Nicholas, you can’t do that when you’re supposed to be playing the game.” Finally after many pleas and discussions, Nicholas’ parents decided to just let Nicholas be Nicholas... just the way God made Nicholas to be.

It would be very boring if each of us were exactly alike and we all liked all the same things. That’s why God made all of us different and unique from each other. I used to beat myself over the head because I wanted to be like this person and I wanted to be like that person, instead of thanking God for just making me the person I am. My Dad always told me I needed to grow another layer of skin because I was so sensitive... and I hated that about myself. But if I didn’t have that quality, I wouldn’t be able to do the work that I’m doing for Jesus today.

When God chose the color of our hair, our eyes, our skin and all of our other physical characteristics, it was for a purpose. When He chose what type of personality to give us, it was all for a purpose, because He knew when He formed us the job He had for us to do. But that doesn’t mean God is finished with us. We need to be constantly striving to let Jesus shine through the personalities He’s given to us. And when we do, we ultimately present to the world a different facet of Christ that others don’t have.

Think about it. God made Nicholas different from other kids, but if Nicholas was the same as all the rest of the kids and considered to be “NORMAL,” who would be helping Mr. Brown, and who would be jumping the dead battery for the Grandma that lived down the block? 1 Cor. 12:4 says “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.” In a nutshell, you have a piece in the puzzle that no one else can fill, because no one else on the face of the earth is exactly like you. You’re unique and God made you that way for a reason. And Jesus wants you to be happy being different and unique from everyone else, because He went to a lot of thought and effort to give you the personality and the talents to do just what He created you to do. So take some time today to just thank God for how He formed your piece of clay... and ask Him how you can better use your clay to fulfill His plan for your life.

“It’s a GREAT thing to give thanks...”

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