Linda Shelton was born along the banks of Lake Michigan in a city called Racine in Wisconsin.
She loves the memories of corn roasts, block parties, roller-skating with friends and warm family gatherings. Her growing up years
remind her of the nostalgic TV programs, “Andy Griffith,” “Father Knows Best” and “I Love Lucy” which embraced solid family values.

Her father worked as a Chemical and Mechanical Engineer for Johnson Wax, while her mother was a “stay at home Mom” until Linda became old enough to attend school. Then she worked as a Physical Fitness Instructor for the YWCA and a Medical Secretary. Linda, as well as her siblings Cheryl & Dave, were raised attending Christian schools and going to church regularly.

“From an early age I found myself interested in the things pertaining to God,” Linda shares. “I remember talking to the kids in the neighborhood about Jesus. When I was older I wrote stories with a spiritual emphasis. At seventeen I began to write songs, which began a passion for music which has continued to grow as the years have gone by.”

In 1984 Linda co-founded Three Angels Broadcasting Network, a satellite television station which broadcasts around the world. She became a welcome part of many families’ living rooms where they enjoyed her daily devotionals, her music and her interaction on the daily flagship programs. She was an integral part of the network as the Vice-President and Secretary of the Board of Directors. She is the founder of 3ABN Radio. Additionally she was the Director of 3ABN’s TV Programming, Director of 3ABN Radio, she was the Director of Printing for the Network writing the monthly newsletters and Network magazines, she handled nearly all of the correspondence of the Directors, and she was the Producer of the daily flagship television program. “The experience of watching this ministry grow from nothing into a world-wide mega-media tool will always be invaluable to me,” she says. She worked for the Lord at 3ABN for 20 years.

“It was always a dream of mine to work for Jesus at no cost, so while at 3ABN I wrote songs which became CD’s.” Some remember “The Story of Jesus Birth,” “I Think About Grace” and also “Makin’ Memories,” as well as others. Linda donated 100% of the sales of these CD’s to 3ABN. As the number one selling singer-songwriter of the Network, she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help support the Network. Her music videos, containing songs she penned, gained the respect of the Gospel Music Industry winning four Telly Awards in the year 2003.

After taking a Sabbatical for a few years, Linda Shelton is eagerly launching into the next chapter of her life’s mission for Christ! This includes COMING SOON…a new book, a new CD and a new series of devotional television programs. Linda shares, “Many years ago, people put a great value on “duty.” Sometimes life takes some strange twists and turns, but at each turn we must re-evaluate what our duty is for the new chapter of our lives. There have been heartaches and loss, but after the winter a new springtime begins with brand new growth and inspiration.

Today Linda enjoys doing Women’s Ministries, Campmeetings and Church Services. She also enjoys networking with others in the Gospel Music Industry to produce music that glorifies the Lord. If you are interested in inviting Linda to a special event or service, please write or send an email her way.

God, make me brave for life, oh, braver than this. Let me straighten after pain as a tree straightens after rain, shining and lovely again.”